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Thursday, July 19th 2012

1:24 PM

Preteen pedo


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From: mike wellington
Subject: Craig's Interview ( yet another Capeville story)Craig was a young bloke fresh out of college ready take on the world.
With the knowledge he had gained he was ready.
Law school was tough and Craig came out on top. But that was only the
beginning of the shit that was to follow. This preteen pedo shit would fill up the
pages in his big book of life that he would soon learn, it will
eventually amount to nothing. Craig had scored himself an interview with a prestigious law firm
in Capeville. Excited, but with butterflies in his stomach. Craig
showered and put on his great new suit. He ate breakfast, washed up and
looked in the bathroom mirror. Pleased with what he saw, he grabbed his
car keys and was off to the city.
Craig pulled into the parking lot and parked his piece of shit car next
to the smashing new BMW's that were supplied as work vehicles for all the
lawyers. He dreamed of one day earning something similar as a
representation of his achievement in life.
Craig worked in the tall building across to the reception desk where preteen fucking boys a
beautiful looking young woman sat behind. "Good morning sir. You must be
Craig." said the woman. "Yes mam." said Craig. "Take the elevator behind
you, up to level 6. Tell the lady at the counter your name and she'll
let Mr Anderson know your here."
Craig took the elevator up to level 6 and spoke to the lady. He sat in
the hall and waited as instructed by the lady. 10 minutes past and the
lady told him to go in through to speak with Mr Anderson.
Craig walked in and saw Mr Anderson sitting behind his big desk. "Come in
Craig Its good to see you. Take a seat." Craig walked over to the desk
and sat down nervous as shit. "So lets get straight down to business.
Shall we?" commanded Mr Anderson. "Sure thing Sir." said Craig. Mr
Anderson looked over Craig's portfolio and seamed pleased with what he
saw. He placed the folder on the desk and looked at Craig. "So you want
to be a lawyer do you?" asked Anderson. "Yes Sir. Just like My father."
said Craig. "Really. Well I know your father and I like him. He's a good
man... But around here it don't matter if half your family works here. It
don't matter." said Anderson. "Around here you do as I tell you.
Understand." Anderson said. "Yes Sir." said Craig. "Well then, Let's get
to work." Said Anderson. "What! You mean I got the job?" Asked Craig.
"Well if you do what I ask." said Anderson as he stood up.
Craig's jaw dropped on the table as he breathlessly watched Anderson walk
around the table. Anderson walked around the table and sat on the table
in front of Craig. Staring at the erection in front of him. 'Was he
sitting there this whole time with no pants on' thought Craig. "If you
want the job. You can start by giving me a blow job." Said Anderson.
Craig transfixed on Anderson's fat erection, slowly looked up at Anderson
and then back at the piece of meat in front of him and sat there. "You
want the job or not?" asked Anderson with a raised voice. "But
Sir..."stammered Craig. "Boy you've got young preteen sexpics
1 minute to start sucking, Or you
walk out of here with nothing but your dick in your hand." Said Anderson
Noticing the erection in Craig's Slacks. Craig sat forward and licked the
head of Anderson's monster cock. He licked over the head tasting cock for
the first time. "I didn't tell you to lick it! Suck! Put it in your mouth
and suck." Ordered Anderson. Craig put his mouth around the head of his
cock. Craig sucked on the head and slowly worked it out. "Yeah that's
good." groaned Anderson. "Get on it. Yeah." Anderson put his hands on
Craig's head and slowly fucked his wet mouth. Craig got in to it and
found sucking cock was not too bad. He bobbed up and down and Anderson
let go of his head. Craig stuffed as much as he could in his mouth. (He'd
watched a porno once, a friend had taken a video from his dad's porn
collection). Craig Pushed down till he almost gaged on Ando's cock. He
withdrew his cock from his mouth and licked down the thick shaft. He
licked his moist tongue down over his hairless sack. He lick all over
them and slobbering over them. He dragged his tongue up alone the shaft
and put his cock back in his mouth. Ando was enjoying himself. Groaning
as Craig did his best to please his new boss. "Mmmm that's real child preteen photo
Your enjoyed that." Ando said as he took Craig off his cock. Craig leaned
back as Ando got up and moved to the side. "Now lets see what your hiding
there." said Ando. Craig looked up at Ando not wanting to expose himself.
"Come on I haven't got all day." said Ando. "Stand up!. Take off your
clothes." yelled Ando. Craig stood up and took of his coat and put it on
the chair. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He unbuckled
his belt and his pants dropped to the floor. He stood there in front of
Ando fearing to take his underwear. "What! Are you preteen japanese movies done?" Asked Ando
"Take the rest off." he ordered. "But Sir I.." Before he could speak Ando
reach forward and pulled Craig's underwear down to his knees. They
dropped to the floor from there. As Ando walked around Craig making his
inspection. Ando put his hand on Craig's shoulder walked around behind
him sliding his hand down his back. He looked down over Craig's shoulder
at his cock. "You've got a nice cock." said Ando, as he slapped his hand
hard on Craig's white bum cheek. Craig was so turned on. With Ando's hand
still on Craig's arse. He squeezed and ran his finger along his bum
crack. "Mmmm hairless too." said Ando, as he did so. He walked around the
front of Craig. "You want to take care of that?" asked Ando as he pointed
to Craig's cock. With a stunned look on Craig's face Ando continued. "I
want to see you cum." said Ando. As he waited for a response. Craig
wrapped his fingers around his cock and started stroking. "Yeah that
feels good, doesn't it." said Ando with a calm preteen nudes tgp preteen stripping panties voice. Craig stroked child preteen photo his
hand back and forth. "Yeah that's preteen top boy it all over the floor." preteen model russain Said Ando. As
Craig started shooting wad's of cum all over the fashion preteen bbs hard wooden floor. Craig
came so hard covering the floor with his cum. Ando walked back around
Craig and squeezed his cock in his hand. He wiped off the last preteen boys bikinis drop of
cum from his cock and put it to Craig's mouth. "Mmmm." said Ando as Craig
lick the cum off his bosses finger. " Now get to the floor and lick up
every drop." said Ando as he pushed Craig in the back. With his pants
still around his ankles Craig fell to the floor. His knees hit the floor
hard. Ando put his foot on the back of Craig's neck and pushed preteen top boy his face
to the floor, smearing cum on his face. "Lick it." ordered Ando. preteen casting everyoung
hesitantly licked the cum off the floor as ordered.
Before Craig was done Ando had taken a dog collar from his desk draw.
Before Craig had a chance to look up. The collar was strapped around his
neck. Ando pulled on the leash forcing Craig to look up at him. "Now for
your last bit of training." Ando tugged on the leash and dragged Craig
across the floor to a couch in the side of the room. He tied the leash up
restraining him over the edge of the couch. He tied his hands behind his
back and sat next to Craig. "Now then." Ando Spoke as he rubbed some
Vaseline over his cock. Craig watched as he knew what that was for. "If
you take this with out squealing like a little girl." Said Ando. "You'll
have a fine job working for me. A high salary, your own car and even a
nice new appartment." Said Ando. Ando massaged his cock and then leaned
over and stuck his finger in Craig's arsehole. He slide his finger in and
out lubing him up. Craig let out a soft whimper as sharp pain subsided
into a feeling he had never felt before and liked it. "Right then." Said
Ando as he stood up. He positioned his cock at Craig's waiting hole. He
pressed his cock against him and pushed it in. "Aah!" whimpered Craig.
"Just relax." said Ando.
He held his cock still as Craig relaxed. Ando pushed in further and
slowly started fucking Craig. Craig started moaning with pleasure as he
excepted his boss's cock. Ando moved fast fucking Craig harder and
deeper. Craig Moaned louder not being able to help himself. "Yeah you
like that too." groaned Ando as he pumped in and out. Ando was fucking
Craig hard and fast now as he came close. He fucked Craig wildly as he
groaned. "Ohhhh! Yeah!" He filled Craig's arse with hot cum as he pumped.
Craig's cock exploded again spraying cum all over the floor as he jerked
on his cock again. Moaning loudly. Ando's orgasm subsided and he withdrew
his flacid cock. He sat back on the couch next to Craig. He tugged on the
leash and brought Craig between his legs. He pushed his head down on to
his cock. Craig sucked on his new bosses beautiful cock, as if he had
fell in love with it. He licked it clean and then bent down to lick up
the cum off the floor. "I'm going to enjoy having you around here." said
Ando as he ran his hand through Craig's hair. Patting him like his pet
dog. With free nudepreteens photo
that Craig started stroking Ando's cock lovingly as it grew
again. He stuffed it in his mouth as he sucked on his cock like a hungry
Craig began work the next preteen model russain
day and was give a set of keys to his new car
and an envelope with the address and another set of keys for his new
appartment. Craig loved his job and was excepted by all the other
employees. The end.To be Continued.
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Thursday, July 19th 2012

12:00 AM

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